Every ASX-listed company has its own Company Report page, which is broken down into various tabs.

The first tab -- 'Reports' -- is where you will find all the research and valuations created by members for the company you are viewing.

By default, users are presented with a consensus view, which aggregates all member Valuations for the company. All contributing members are displayed below the valuation chart.  

Click here to be taken on a quick tour of the All Members section of the Reports tab.

To view the report of an individual member simply click on their profile image. From there, you can vote on  their Valuation and/or 'Straws'.

You can return to the consensus view by selecting the 'All Reports' icon at the top of the page.

To create your own Company Report, simply click the 'My Report' button.

To post a Valuation, simply enter the figure and click 'save'. We'd encourage you to add a few notes to help others understand your reasoning.

You can elect to make your Valuation private if you wish, which means it will only be visible to you.

Below the valuation, you can create 'Straws'. Click the 'Add New Straw' to post.

Click here to take a quick tour of the Personal Report section, or watch this short overview:

For more information, please visit our help center.

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