To post a new Straw, go to the company of interest and then click on 'Create Report' (or, alternatively, click your profile image if you have previously posted content). 

Below the Valuation chart, you will see a button that says 'Add New Straw'

There is a 5000 character count to encourage concise, focused insights. If you have a lot to share, break-up your thoughts into specific Straws.

You can attach images, pdf files or Word documents to a Straw, as well as hyperlink to external web-pages. (We ask that you please respect the intellectual property of 3rd parties, and only share publicly available information.)

Note that you can also post Straws privately, which means that they are only visible to you. You can make these publicly visible at any time (and vise versa) by clicking on the relevant icon at the bottom of the Straw.

You can edit or delete a Straw at any time. If you edit a Straw, you will lose all associated votes but those that had previously ‘liked’ the Straw will receive a notification.

Your Straw will go ‘stale’ after 6-months.  You will receive a notification, and can elect to re-activate it, edit or delete it.

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