A Straw is a discreet research note that provides insight or perspective into a particular aspect of a ASX-listed company. Members can post Straws to support (or dispute) the investment case for a stock.

Straws are not intended to be used for general discussion. Members are able to instead use the company forums to hold discussions. 


When a member creates a Straw, they are required to give a hashtag, which describes what aspect it relates to (e.g. #Bull Case, #Management or #Risks), and helps better organise content. You can select preset #Hashtags or create new ones.


Members in the community can vote on Straws, which helps in determining their ranking in the Company Report. The more positive votes a Straw receives, the higher its ranking in the report. Votes can be changed at any time, and negative votes are kept anonymous.


Straws can be filtered to display only those that are unread, or those created by specific members. Select a member from the top of the page to see their personal report, which will contain their valuation and Straws.

The 'Straws' tab

The Straws tab on Company Reports acts as a feed for all the Straws created for a specific company. This is the best place to see the key insights on a company without having to visit every individual personal report.

By default, Straws are ranked by endorsement -- the more votes, the higher the ranking. You can also elect to few the most recent Straws.

Straws that have received a high proportion of negative votes will not be displayed on the Straws tab, but will always remain on a member's personal report.

Editing or deleting Straws

Members can delete or edit Straws their Straws at any time. If you edit a Straw you will lose all associated votes and it will be marked as unread for other members. Those that had previously voted on the Straw will receive a notification that it has been edited.

What is a stale Straw?

Straws will go 'stale' six months after they were created. This ensures Straws remain current and the Company Report is not cluttered with outdated insights. When a Straw goes stale, the creator will receive a notification, and they can elect to re-activate it, edit or delete it.

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