At the top of every report, you can see;

  • the last close price and the percentage change from the previous close;  
  • the company ranking and how it is trending;
  • the number of members who have recommended the company; and
  • the number of members following the company.

Company reports can also be accessed anywhere on the site by clicking on a company name or by using the search function found at the top of each page.

Company reports are divided into several different sections, accessed by selecting the appropriate tab.

Reports: Every member is able to create and maintain a personal report for a company. This contains their Valuation and any associated Straws

By default, users are presented with a consensus view, which aggregates all member Valuations for the company. All contributing members are displayed below the valuation chart.  

To view the report of an individual member simply click on their profile image. From there, you can vote on any Valuation or 'Straws'.

You can return to the consensus view by selecting the 'All Members' icon at the top of the page.

See the Reports help page for further information.

Straws: The Straws tab acts as a feed for all the Straws created for the associated company. This is the best place to see the key insights on a company without having to visit every individual personal report.

By default, Straws are ranked by endorsement -- the more votes, the higher the ranking. You can also elect to few the most recent Straws.

See the Straws help page for further information.

Research: Select this tab to see a company description and key financial metrics from Morningstar.

Investors: Here you can see which members have recommended the company, along with the performance of that recommendation. You can also see what members are following the company.

Forum: This is where you can engage with other members to discuss the company in question. Unlike Straws, this section is for general conversation and questions. 

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