The action of adding a company to your personal scorecard, is a signal to the rest of the community that you recommend it.

Before you can add a company to your scorecard, you must first create or 'like' a Valuation for the company.

This ensures that the community can better understand the basis of your recommendations.

Once you have done this, you can add any ASX-listed company to your scorecard by either:

  1. selecting 'add to scorecard' from the company report; or
  2. clicking the plus icon under the Actions column on the Companies page.

There must be at least one trade on the ASX that day for the position to be opened at the close. This helps account for highly illiquid stocks, and where there is a large buy/sell spread.

The performance of each recommendation will be tracked relative to the market until you remove it from your scorecard. 

The total performance of your scorecard is simply the average of all recommendations. (Note, that closed positions still influence the average performance.)

You can recommend the same company up to 3 times, but a particular company can be added only once per day. 

To remove a company from your scorecard, go to your Profile page and hit the ‘Remove from scorecard’ button under the ‘Actions’ column (the minus button; "-"). The position will be removed at the next available close.

Note that it can take around an hour after the ASX closes before scorecards are updated.

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