The Trending section is the first section you'll see on your homepage dashboard. It is used to provide you with a snapshot of all the action that is happening on Strawman.

You can click on a specific company or member to be taken to the corresponding page, or simply click on a heading title to see the full ranking.

The Trending section is made up of the following:

Added to scorecards: These are the companies that have recently received the most recommendations from the community. 

Removed from scorecards: Those companies that have most recently been removed from member scorecards. An indicator that the community, on average, is less enthusiastic towards the companies in question.

Member activity: Those members that have generated the most content recently (straws, valuations & recommendations). Select to view a member’s profile, and click on the ‘Member Activity’ tab to see what they’ve been up to. 

Company Reports: These are the companies that have seen the most new content (Straws & valuations) added recently. 

Followed members: Those members that have attracted the most new followers recently.

Followed companies: Those companies that have attracted the most new followers recently. 

Forums: Discussion forums with the most activity recently. Select a forum to see what members are saying and join the conversation!


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