Strawman is a social network and collaboration platform for private investors.

We crowdsource research and recommendations on ASX listed companies, drawing on a broad network of experienced contributors. 

Content is organised and ranked according to member endorsement and performance, delivering dynamic, peer-reviewed and actionable share market recommendations

Core Features:

  • View the most popular recommendations from the community, or follow specific members with proven track-records. 
  • Go deeper into the investment thesis and explore the assumptions and forecasts behind each recommendation. 
  • Understand both the positives and negatives of a potential investment before you buy. 
  • Build personalised research reports. Ditch that jumbled folder of notes, and record, organise and manage your research online.
  • Profit from the collective knowledge and experience of a diverse and engaged network. Gain new perspectives and test your assumptions
  • Build your profile! Attract followers by sharing insights and recommendations. 
  • Follow companies and set price-alerts so as to ensure you never miss a thing.
  • Avoid the jumble and noise of other forums. With Strawman, content is organised and ranked, ensuring you can easily and quickly identify the most valuable insights. 
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